South Africa’s Covid-19 response shows how the public and private healthcare sectors can co-operate successfully. While we already have a state-owned healthcare system, it lacks the leadership found in the private sector.

This is a critical issue for proponents of the national health insurance (NHI) scheme, particularly when the cost of private medical aid excludes the vast majority of South Africans from accessing healthcare. We must ask: has the public-private partnership during the Covid-19 pandemic laid the foundation for a successful NHI?

Join the Business Day Dialogues, in partnership with ASI, as our panel of SA’s most respected medical aid and health economists unpack the future of healthcare in South Africa.

Panel members include:

  • Joanne Joseph – Moderator
  • Anthony Govender – Chief Executive Officer, ASI
  • Dr Ryan Noach – Chief Executive Officer, Discovery Health
  • Lee Callakoppen – Principal Officer, Bonitas Medical Fund

Event details:

Date: Thursday, October 22 2020
Time: 9am — 10am
Cost: Free

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