Faced with the growing cost of medical scheme membership, there is an increased focus on primary health care solutions.

Primary health care is preventative, typically providing long-term cost savings as well as benefiting both patients and the wider economy, said Vernon Chorn, the CEO of Unity Health Care, speaking at a recent Business Day Dialogue about how Unity Health, a financial services provider offering cost-effective primary health solutions, is providing South Africans with access to essential medical care.

Primary health care, explained Chorn, refers to out-of-hospital benefits such as GP visits, pathology, and X-rays. Unity Health utilises a unique approach which focuses on providing quality primary health care and hospitalisation to South Africans who cannot afford medical scheme coverage. Members go online to source doctors, dentists and specialists in their area who are part of the Unity Health network and who provide affordable tariffs. As new members join Unity Health, new doctors are added, so growth is sustainable and ongoing.

Unity Health’s plans for 2024, said Chorn, include their Hospital Cash Plan, offering a maternity benefit of R20 000 for childbirth plus R20 000 for every day spent hospitalised and a dedicated nurse care line for questions, advice and referrals. Its low annual tariff increases ensures that quality private health care is affordable.

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Image source: Arena Events